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The South West sees the launch of a tree-planting scheme that will support local charities. ‘Trees for Good Causes’ aims to help individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint or even donate a planted tree to
someone. But that’s not all; this scheme will also support two local charities Children’s Hospice South West and North Devon Hospice.

We have teamed up with Birch Meadow Landscaping, based in Bratton Fleming on the edge of Exmoor, to create this unique campaign. Every individual and business can donate money to plant some trees and
offset their carbon footprint. The surplus funds, after costs, will be split equally between two chosen charities.

There is a minimum donation of £4 per tree for an individual and £5 per tree for a business. Everyone can choose how many trees they would like to plant and how often. The donation can be a one-off or a regular monthly donation.

Edward Prouse, the owner of Birch Meadow Landscaping Ltd, has a keen interest in climate change. In his work, he tries to use many low carbon materials and use recycled materials where possible. He completed a Master of Horticulture degree and wrote his dissertation on the carbon cost of a small landscaped garden.

‘But why just plant trees?’ said Edward. ‘We would like to get local people involved and can help the local community. This is where Trees for Good Causes was born. People can have a huge feel-good factor of not only giving to charity but help fight climate change at the same time.’

The trees will be planted locally on Birch Meadow Farm’s grounds, home to Birch Meadow Landscaping. The First 1000 trees will be planted free of charge for individuals.

Joanna Benbow, the owner of Maven Marketing, added: ‘As Maven Marketing is the Official Media Partner of the scheme, we will also offset our carbon footprint through Trees for Good Causes, and additionally for any successful referral, we will plant a minimum of 10 trees.’ Joanna is an environmental advocate, currently working on many projects that positively impact the planet and people.

‘We all know that planting trees is essential for fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity, and even preventing flooding and erosion,’ said, Joanna. ‘Therefore, it means a lot to me to be involved in creating a tree planting scheme that is very local to us. This unique scheme helps offset carbon footprint and allows us all to make a positive local impact with the additional benefit of supporting fantastic local charities. I’m thrilled to be part of it!’

TFGC was created to help protect our planet. If everyone in the UK can reduce their collective carbon footprint by at least 100kgs annually, the UK would be 6.8 million tons of carbon lighter! By adding a possibility of offsetting some of our unavoidable emissions, everyone can make a positive impact locally and take a progressive step in a global fight against climate change. Moreover, by donating through the Trees for Good Causes campaign, support local charities too.

Donations to TFGC can be made throughout 2021, with surplus money distributed between charities at the end of the year. The tree planting will commence in early 2022.

Claire Paine, Business Development Manager at North Devon Hospice, commented: ‘We are beyond delighted to be involved in such a fantastic initiative! Thank you for shining a light on how we can all protect our environment and for using this opportunity to support our patients and their families.’

Dominic Scotting, Community Fundraiser at Little Bridge House, Children’s Hospice South West, said: ‘Children’s Hospice South West are delighted to be involved with the Trees for Good Causes project. The project represents a wonderful opportunity to support good causes whilst also helping to protect our precious environment. Children’s Hospice South West support over 500 families across the region and through this generous project will be able to continue to serve families when they need it the most.’

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Media Enquiries: Joanna Benbow, Maven Marketing


Donation Enquires: Edward Prouse, Birch Meadow Landscaping