Once upon a time- EV Motion

Digital media, Marketing Planning, Strategy

Over several years, starting in 2012, we had been working with a startup business- EV Motion Ltd where we began with the company name followed by marketing & business planning.

We worked on the co-organisation of the company launch event called ‘Eco-Drive’ that was attended by many electric car enthusiasts and local renewable companies. Together, we took part in many niche events and exhibitions promoting electric vehicle uptake.


We produced marketing collateral for the company including flyers, stickers, invites, brochures and more.

In addition to the marketing & digital plan which included SEO and Google Analytics measures, we were in charge of managing the company’s presence online, including engagement and monitoring of¬†social media channels and the company’s website.

The fast-growing business was quickly discovered and it’s now transitioned into another large organisation. We are proud to be part of the success of the company.