How it all started…

Being pregnant with a ‘rather large’ baby that makes everyone to think you are having twins, has some consequences in … many, many, many sleepless nights. When you so uncomfortable that it stops you from sleeping, what can be better than relaxing hot bath- utilising your time wisely and write some … plans, right?! I knew that after the baby is born, I won’t have much time to myself, everything will change and I will need to adapt to my new carrier – being a mum.

I was right.

However, my first few maternity weeks weren’t as I imagined. Following my husband’s admission to hospital and very stressful few weeks, I & my ‘not-so-little’ newborn decided to step in and assist daddy in some activities of running his own business. I enjoyed consulting the team and running a project to improve efficiency and operations within the business and have extended the sessions to include also marketing training. This experience made me think that not only I really enjoy consulting, but also balancing your work and personal time is possible.

I then quickly decided to set up my own consultancy firm and fulfil what I wanted to do with my spare time.  Almost immediately, I received messages from friends and friends of friends who were interested in working with me. I felt that my experience can be valuable for other businesses and I’m really excited to share my knowledge with others…

DATE: Oct 7, 2016
AUTHOR: Joanna
Case Study, Design, Digital Media, Social media, Video, Website