Infographic as one of the best visual tools

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in popularity of infographics as a form of visual communication. Do you know why?

When a large amount of data is involved in the presentation, it’s much easier to achieve better visual impact using a well-designed infographic. In order to capture readers’ attention and enhance comprehension, infographics can be the perfect solution. Combing data and copy helps to create a visual story and ease communication by attracting reader’s eye and presenting a topic in an engaging form.

Above you can see an infographic describing a journey that our client took driving an electric car and his experiences testing the performance of the vehicle. The infographic can be very useful and shared with everyone interested in driving an EV for a longer commute. The presentation of a story using infographic is more interesting to read than just a standard email or a few sentences on a word document. Plus, according to many neuroscientists- a striking characteristic of human memory is that pictures are remembered better than words. By supporting words with images in infographics, there is more chance of readers remembering your content better and for much longer.

Apart from presenting the data in a better form, the infographics can also be used as a thought-leadership display and bring the attention of industry to your company.

DATE: Jan 23, 2019
AUTHOR: Joanna
Design, Digital Media, Social media, Typography