CIM Chartered Marketer- My 6th Year


Hurray! I’m celebrating another year as a Chartered Marketer. Now- why am I getting so thrilled about it? Let me summarise what a member of CIM means, and why achieving a Chartered Marketer status is so important:

– What does CIM say about being a Chartered Marketer? 

‘You are part of a senior community of marketers, all committed to maintaining the very highest standards in marketing practice. Achieving and maintaining this status demonstrates your personal commitment to being recognised as an experienced, qualified and up-to-date professional marketer.’

It showcases that as a marketer you are committed to continuous improvement, while CIM acts as the accelerator and approver at the same time. With an ever-changing environment, this is essential for any marketer. I graduated with a double diploma in Marketing and Management eleven years ago, and although having a master’s degree is fundamental, continuous improvement and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, technology and marketing in general is crucial. 

– However- it’s not an easy ride.

First, to achieve the status, you must:

  • Be at Associate (ACIM), Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM) membership grade;
  • Complete two consecutive years of CPD;
  •  ACIMs to accumulate a total value of 35 credits during each CPD year;
  • MCIMs and FCIMs to complete four reflective statements aligned with the Professional Marketing Competencies framework during each CPD year;
  • Complete the online Chartered Marketer assessment, available on completion of the second consecutive CPD year with five attempts to complete the assessment.

When you become a Chartered Marketer, and you wish to maintain your status, you need to demonstrate ‘unrivalled knowledge, skills, and commitment to your continual professional development.’ Every year you need to submit your four reflective statements to be assessed and approved. 

It does require dedication, time and effort – but it shouldn’t be anything new that you aren’t already doing every day. If you are serious about marketing and you want to advise other businesses on the best marketing practises, becoming a Chartered Marketer is a must.

DATE: Oct 20, 2020
AUTHOR: Joanna
Strategic Marketing